Q: Can I get approved for an auto loan with bad credit?

A: Yes. Auto loans are available for people with bad credit.

Q: What will I need in order to qualify for an auto loan?

A: In most instances you will need a valid and current driver’s license, proof of income, proof of residence (Lease agreement, utility bill, etc.), and full coverage insurance.

Q: Can someone with no credit or a first time buyer qualify?

A: Yes. There are programs available to help you start establishing your auto credit. However, greater money down requirements may apply.

Q: How much money down will I need?

A: The down payment amount that you will need is based on several factors such as your credit profile, the total amount you’re financing, and your payment to income.

Q: Can I use my trade as money down?

A: Yes. Additional money down may be required if there is a lien on the vehicle you are trading.

Q: Will a Co-signer help me get approved?

A: In most cases, yes. Approval is determined on a case by case basis.

Q: Can I still qualify if I’ve had a repossession?

A: Yes. Greater money down requirements may apply.

Q: Can I qualify if I’ve had a bankruptcy?

A: Yes. As long as the bankruptcy is discharged or you have an Authorization to Incur Debt from the bankruptcy trustee.